Vote The House of Representatives Out of Their Jobs

I have just created this site in an effort to expose the extreme stupidity and corruption of the current House of Representatives of the United States. These people feel that they are an American aristocracy, and they must be sent to the unemployment line that they worked so hard to create. Between not reading bills that have, or will cost millions of jobs, not to mention trillions of dollars, while lining their own pockets and setting up lucrative retirements, it is time to clean “house” and bring in a whole new group of people.

Now, I realize that just getting rid of the old guard is not going to fundamentally change things, since the problems are with the power of corporate and banking lobbies, as well as such things as a lack of term limits. But, we have to start somewhere. It has been said that politics is “show business for ugly people”, and that is certainly true. But, now it has become a way to wealth and fortune without being intelligent, talented, or hard working. That was certainly not what the founding fathers wanted, and they would be spinning in their graves if they could see what has happened to the nation, and to the system of government that they worked and fought so hard to create.

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